Viseart Neutral Palette Matte 01
Photo from Viseart

I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it was buying the NARSissist palette. But suddenly I’ve gone palette mad. And I reallllllly want the Viseart Neutral Palette Matte 01.

I know. Me. A neutral palette. I have the original Naked palette and barely touch it. And this palette is MATTE. Another rarity for me.

Maybe it’s because if Karima raves about it, I have to have it. Or maybe it’s because I’m starting to look at matte shadows as a more sophisticated option for combining with my bright lipsticks. Maybe it’s the part of me inside that wants to be an effortless French girl who (looks like she) wears no eye makeup. But I’ve got a major lemming for this.

I do think something like this is a good investment. I think that you’ll wind up using it more, and in more situations, than one would anticipate. I do like matte shadows for contouring/crease work, so it would be especially useful.

And, yet, the price. At $80 (and it seems to be equivalently priced in Euros, if I was to pick it up in Paris), I hesitate. Which is strange, since that’s just a dollar more than the NARSissist palette. And the shadows look larger, making it a better value (though there are fewer). But I guess having made returns to counteract the price of the NARSissist palette really helped me bite the bullet there.

Anyway, like everything else I’ve been wishing for lately, it’s going to have to stay on the wishlist for a while, since I have lots of really pressing things to be saving up for, and an eyeshadow palette is sadly not one of them. *cries*

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4 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #27 – Viseart Neutral Palette Matte 01”

  1. I'm curious about why this eye shadow palette is so expensive. What is the specialness of this brand and this formula?

    • I'd never heard of this brand before, but apparently it has a cult following from makeup artists, so it's got to be pretty good. The shadows were very pigmented in Karima's video and went on really nicely.

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