I am clearly already suffering from vacation brain (sorry to the people at work!), so today’s question is all about going away.

How do you choose which beauty products to bring with you? Do you pare down? Or do you wind up with too much?

Personally, I always wind up with way too much. I mean, WAY too much. It’s usually because I’m overwhelmed and can’t make decisions as to, “You will only be able to wear these 10 things,”  because I never know what I’ll be in the mood for, even when I try and plan around outfits.

This time, I have a new travel cosmetics case and, ideally, I’d like to only take what fits in there. Ideally. (Normally I wind up with 3 or 4 packed to the brim smaller cases. So, wish me luck!!)

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  1. Over time with tons of business travel and trying to do carry on as much as possible I have learned to pare down. Honestly I believe that for short trips I do not need my full blown cleaning and beauty regime. I take gasp make up remover pads, good moisturiser and if I fly a lot one or two face mask serum sheets (don't take much space, easy to apply and boost your skin). Minimal make up with only one or two eyeliners, black mascara, two or three lip colours that you can layer… Voila I'm done 🙂
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    • I need you to teach me!! After too many trips bringing way too much stuff, I've finally learned how to pare down on my clothing and shoes, but the makeup and skincare, I still suck at!!

  2. I need to seriously work on paring down also for travel. I always take too much, and think I will need and use everything, but the truth is that I DON'T use most of it! Then I'm kicking myself for shlepping all that unnecessary stuff.

    Also, in your case, you know that you're probably going to be shopping for cosmetics and skincare products when you travel anyway, so that's your incentive to pack less – because you're going to be stocking up while you're on your trip.

  3. My strategy is to find mini versions of my skincare products (or decant into smaller bottles) and go minimal with the makeup. Just one or two eyeshadow quads, one blush, no massive palettes. But I still always seem to have way too much anyway, lol. Also, travel is one of the few occasions during which I actually use makeup remover wipes to take makeup off my face – they don't count against your "liquids", are easier to lug around than liquid remover, and can be used to wipe off sticky fingers etc. on the plane/train/etc.
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    • Putting my skincare into smaller containers is something I have definitely learned to start doing. Ain't no reason to be lugging around full-sized bottles. It's the whittling down of makeup that gets to me! I have a little spray bottle for my Bioderma, so that acts as my "wipes," though it's less useful for sticky fingers. 🙂

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