I’m getting on a plane tonight and heading for one of my favorite cosmetics-buying countries for two weeks, and it’s left me thinking about the other products I have at home. I read recently about people who threw out makeup because they were past their expiration date, and I thought to myself, “They put expiration dates on makeup?!”

Maybe it’s something I should be more aware of, but I want to know what you think.

Do you pay attention to makeup expiration dates? Do you throw products out after they’ve “expired,” or do you keep them anyway?

Personally, the only makeup I really replace regularly is mascara. I don’t get a new one every 3 months, as they advise, but I do change that up most often. I have bags of old makeup that I don’t use (and have been looking for a place to donate to, but more on that a different time), but I find myself periodically digging into the bags and pulling out old products I haven’t used in ages and am suddenly in need of again.

I personally feel that things like powder eyeshadows and blushes don’t go bad. Lipsticks are obvious when they’re past their prime—they’re not supposed to smell and feel like crayons!—but most everything else? Nah.

Anyway, bon voyage, lovely readers! I have posts scheduled for when I’m gone, but I’m not sure how often I’ll get to reply to comments. But please leave them anyway! 😉

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8 comments on “Shani Asks You Sundays – Expiration Dates”

  1. My system RE: makeup is similar to your – powder makeup is kept a long time, mascara/liquid eyeliner gets replaced really often, and other stuff gets tossed when it starts to look and/or smell funny. By "tossed" I mean I stop using it, but it may or may not find its way to the trash right away. 😛 I pay more attention to the dates on skincare stuff though – stuff can get weird when it oxidizes or get contaminated bacteria with repeated use or lose its efficacy if it's too old. But aaaaaanyway, have a great trip!
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  2. I would never throw away my Mac shadows once they're past the 'expiration date'… I paid $15 a pop for those things, I'm not splashing out all over again every two years! If I don't get an eye infection and I sanitize them with alcohol, I'd say that I'm good to go.
    Have fun, by the way! I expect to see a haul… 😉
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    • I just think that shadows are so stable, and if you haven't got pink eye…

      Oh, god, just try and stop me from posting a haul! I'm almost afraid of the damage I'm going to do. 😉

  3. I hold onto makeup for a very long time – lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc. Once in a while I do a makeup purge, but it's hard for me to throw anything way, unless it's very clear that it's gone bad. I replace mascara and liquid eyeliner more frequently, because those do dry out and run out. It's probably a lot more hygienic that way anyway. A long time ago, when I started wearing contact lenses, even though I tried really hard to clean them properly, the kind I used then were meant to be worn for up to eight months (which is crazy and I can't believe they ever wanted me to do that), and I did get an eye infection, which I never ever want to repeat (and thus far haven't.) Sorry for the TMI 😉

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