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I’m just a bit obsessed with stripes. I’m not sure that you knew that about me. Just in case you’re not familiar…

DSC_1653 With flash 20131001_160514_1-2 I have one or two Marinière, or Breton stripe, shirts (like so [Petit Bateau is classic, obvi], but lately I have been hankering for a Breton stripe dress.

(The history of the Marinière is really interesting, if you’re a nerd like me. It was originally the uniform of the French navy [hence the “Marinière”], who hailed from Brittany [hence the “Breton stripe”. If you want to read more, I loved this article.)

I think maybe it was first inspired by the dress in this post, though that’s really more of a rugby stripe than a Breton stripe. And then I saw on Facebook that Popbasic was asking if anyone would be interested in a dress version of their Breton stripe top, and I think the two came together in my mind. (They do these great “microcollections.” I’ve never tried one, but how cute is their latest, Ashbury? The skirt is similar to something I have, but I’m tempted to buy the collection JUST for that necklace!! Okay, fine. I ordered it. So sue me.)

Sadly, I have yet to find a Breton dress that both fits the image I have in my mind’s eye and my budget. Not to mention, that wouldn’t hug too tight on my curves, or look dumpy. Also, length—not too short. Am I asking for too much?!

This Sonia Rykiel one was amazing. But is now sold out. Well, it was from 2 years ago. (Yes, I love it despite it’s non-classicness.)


This Fred Perry one is not quite right. Somehow it manages to look dumpy.

 This Paul and Joe Sister one is cute, but sold out. And, also, if I’m honest, though I appreciate they put the seaming in to give it shape, I don’t like the way it interrupts the pattern.

 This one could be cute, but…there’s no full-sized image. What gives?!

Even Petit Bateau disappoints with its current offerings. (Not to mention, they’re way too pricey.)

This. Not what I was thinking of.

I dunno, this could be cute? Maybe? If the waistband fell at the right place. But, again, Petit Bateau prices!

If I wanted to go the rugby stripe route, this Michael Kors one is pretty cute and not that expensive. But not quite what I wanted, either.

I guess maybe I’ll just have to wait and see what Popbasic comes up with?

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6 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #30 – Breton Stripe Dress”

  1. Ooooh, I love stripes and am constantly on the lookout! Although I love the skirt in the last photo of you — it's super classic!

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