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Tom Ford Cheek Brush You guys know how I feel about my proper tools. I like to be able to apply my makeup with instruments that will work the best and get the most out of my products. So it was time to buy the Tom Ford Cheek Brush.

Tom Ford Cheek Brush That’s not to say I didn’t already have a very serviceable blush brush. But my Bobbi Brown blush brush is kind of the bane of my traveling existence. The handle is freaking huge. It never fits into makeup cases. (Part of why I wanted a makeup brush roll.) The second I pulled the Tom Ford out of its box, I already knew it was going to be true love. Just look.

Tom Ford Cheek Brush And the thing is so freaking fluffy and soft. I can’t wait to see what that feels like on my cheeks! (Although I’m going to have to wash the hell out of it to keep it pristine!)

I didn’t make this purchase lightly, but instead reviewed the hell out of different (and more affordable) options. (And, hell, I could have gone for the SUQQU cheek brush. Hahahahahahaha. [It’s about $180, for those who don’t know.])

Have you used any Tom Ford brushes? What are your favorite brushes?

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