*This entry has been prescheduled to post while I am out of the country, so if you comment and I don’t reply right away, that’s why.*

This week’s question again comes from my friend Andrea, and seems fitting since I am currently traveling.

What was your best or most memorable shopping experience while traveling?

There are SO many to pick from, for me! But last year around this time when I was in Spain, I scored my Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain in Garçonne for about €23 at a random tax-free store on the street in Malaga!! (It retails for $49.50 at home.) 😀

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4 comments on “Shani Asks You Sundays – Traveling Shopping Experience”

  1. My latest fav holiday purchase was from Vietnam. It's a china teapot that sits in a woven basket with a lid. There is padded insulation between the teapot and basket and this means that anytime you want to sit down and enjoy a cuppa – it's good to go 🙂
    $20 Australian dollars in Vietnam compared to almost $200 home in Australia :-/

  2. Yay! You used my question! 😀

    I have had some very memorable travel shopping experiences (including and especially the fun we had at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.) One travel shopping memory I often go back to is from my first trip to Israel, when I was 20. It was a Birthright Israel style trip (the year before it actually became the Birthright Israel trip), and I was traveling with a large group of college students on a heavily planned itinerary. However, on one of the days we were in Tel Aviv, it may have even been my first full day in the city, I found myself with some free time and no real plans. My friends on the trip with me had scheduled other things for themselves, like visiting with friends and family who were in Israel. I could have gone on a tour to a local museum, but I wasn't in the mood. I ran into this girl, Irene, who I kind of knew because I had hung out with her and mutual friends once back in New York (she was friendly with Meredith.) She was going shopping, so I joined up with her for a while and we went to open air flea markets and food stalls and I wound up buying this flouncy blue empire waisted top with long sleeves, a scoop neck and blue ribbons running through the waist line and the sleeves, that looked like I could wear it to a Renaissance Faire if I wanted to. I also bought some silver jewelry, specifically silver rings, which I used to love to load my fingers up with. I had started the day feeling kind of lonely and not really wanting to go around by myself in a foreign city, but I wound up having a great day, and what I think was an authentic Israeli experience.

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