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Oh, spring. First it seems like you’ll never come, now you’re here like gangbusters. And you’re making me want a new spring scent! In my fragrance forays, I wound up purchasing a sample of Chanel’s Bel Respiro, one of Les Exclusifs de Chanel, exclusive fragrances sold only in Chanel stores. I’ve been wearing that sample to death lately, and my fragrance recognition has developed enough that the first time I put it on, I thought, “Hmm. Green floral.” (It is.)

New Spring Scent

I don’t own any Chanel fragrances (sad, now that they’ve been destroyed by the International Fragrance Association, in their crusade to eliminate even the very rare contact allergic reaction…although I never really did like Chanel No 5 myself, anyway—my mom loved it, though).

I really like the idea of a Chanel fragrance—if you’re going to wear something that people will start to identify you by, I think Chanel is a good a way to go as any. And the snob in me likes that it’s not one of the mass-produced ones. But even if it was, I would buy it, because it smells good on me, I like to smell it when I wear it, and it feels right on. (Some perfumes don’t at all. Others make me nauseous).

New Spring Scent

I had all about settled on Bel Respiro, when I got my Rouge Bunny Rouge order, and they had inserted a card scented with their Allegria fragrance. You have to understand. I opened the box, and this glorious fragrance came out, and I went, “MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.” It was that good.More green florals! In my face!

But you can’t buy a fragrance based on a scented card, because you don’t know how it will smell ON. I finally found somewhere to order a sample from, and it’s just as lovely as the card made it out to be, but more complex! When I first spray it, I get a burst of grapefruit, instead of the instant green-ness of the Bel Respiro. It dries down to smell almost slightly like Cool Water, one of my all-time favorite colognes, though that’s for men, and I worry that it smells masculine? But do I care if I like the way it smells?

I made family members do a smell test, and they chose the Chanel, but we’ll see how this turns out.

Do you have any fragrance wishes for the new season?

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