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MAC Full of Joy blush Sometimes I feel like MAC puts out a new collection a week. I went through a period where I actually bought things from each one, but I’m now good with sitting most of them out. But when I got an email about their spring blushes, I did go straight out and pick up MAC Full of Joy blush.

MAC describes Full of Joy as, “Lavender.” (Yes, that simple.) And for a while now, I’d been looking for a shade just like that to wear with my very purple-toned lipsticks (like so and so). MAC Dame blush has been my go-to since I picked it up about half a year ago, but I couldn’t help but be tempted by the idea of an actual lavender blush.

Well, as you can see, it’s not ACTUALLY lavender, but it is a very lavender-toned pink. I was surprised to see it was a frost when I applied it, since it doesn’t look shimmery in the pan. But it’s not like a glitter bomb on your face or bad 80s metallic lipstick. It just gives a somewhat luminous sheen. I probably would have preferred a matte, but maybe you need the touch of frost to pull off a color like this? You can help me decide.

MAC Full of Joy blush

MAC Full of Joy blush
Without flash

It blends well, so you can minimize the frost, though it actually winds up looking quite nice. And it wears well. At 2 in the morning, it was gone, but it had been there up until a normal hour. 😉

And here’s how it looks in the wild.

MAC Full of Joy blush

MAC Full of Joy blush

MAC Full of Joy blush
With flash
MAC Full of Joy blush
Without flash

(Lipstick is MAC Flat Out Fabulous.)

Overall, I’m quite happy to have this in my arsenal, though I may still be keeping an eye open for a matte version. (But the color is perfect for my needs!)

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4 comments on “Review: MAC Full of Joy blush”

  1. Makes total sense that you would need a blush like this. The shimmer aspect reminds me of an old Clinique highlighter palette that I still use (and I even use it as eye shadow sometimes.) It also looks like it would be good for blending with other blushes that are more matte to give them a little something extra.

    • The Dame blush is a good neutral color, but I really wanted a pink that leaned more purple. Maybe they'll come out with one without any shimmer, though!

  2. Shani! You need to go and try the Proenza Schouler for Mac collection. I bought the Mangrove lipstick and it is seriously perfection.. they were out of the blushes but they looked absolutely beautiful… and I agree, Mac has a new collection every week! xx
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