My recent trip saw me spending most of my time in the south of France, but my sister and I fit in a whirwind 23-hour layover in Paris. This left me with only a few hours of shopping time, but I managed to do significant damage nonetheless.

In my shopping frenzy, I found myself in the Marais, and came face to face with a store window with the most whimsical, adorable bags I had ever seen. Fortunately for my already abused credit card, the store had closed for the day, and I was leaving the next morning before it opened. Doesn’t mean that I am not now pining for a Barbara Rihl bag.

Barbara Rihl

I’m completely torn over which one, though. I adore this one, the Blake in Laguna Beach Turquoise, for the bright pop of color. And I love small, crossbody bags.

Barbara Rihl

But I also love bowling bag styles, and this Kelly Around the World is just perfection.

Barbara Rihl

But then look at this shopper!!

Barbara Rihl

Not to mention THIS shopper

Barbara Rihl

This weekender

Barbara Rihl

And this crossbody.

How is a girl to choose?!?!

Which do you like best?

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