Another pre-trip purchase that I made was, yes, once again, some products from the Haus of Gloi spring collection. I keep telling myself that I have enough hand creams, but then the list of seasonal scents comes out, and I lose all willpower! I didn’t have time to write this up before, so hopefully some of these are still left, since I know that they do sell out. (I actually had to order all this in 2 goes, because initially something I wanted was out of stock.)

Haus of Gloi Spring Collection

This time around, I forced myself (it honestly wasn’t that difficult) to try something new. I mentioned I don’t really do bath gels, and I find that with soaps, they get used up so fast (at least my Lush ones do). So I decided to try for a hybrid…the whipped soaps.

Haus of Gloi Spring Collection Unsurprisingly, I follow Haus of Gloi on Twitter, and so I had read in advance about the ingredients they were using—I’m just a sucker for fresh, spring scents—and had read about Splendiferous and knew it needed to be mine. I tried to get it as a whipped soap, and they were out of stock when I placed my order.

I also knew I wanted to try this base, so I instead went for Ruth. And so, to my delight, I accidentally discovered which magical product they had in the email product shot. (That one is Splendiferous, but I always wondered which product had the seeds in it.)

Haus of Gloi Spring Collection Ruth is described as, “Fresh strawberry, green patchouli, rose geranium and crushed violet leaf.” You can definitely SEE the strawberry!! It’s like a springtime Neapolitan confection, with the colors and the seeds.

As to the texture of the whipped soap, they are LOVELY. It’s basically like dipping your hands into something the texture of chocolate mousse and using it to wash with. It has a fizzy quality when met with water, only perceptible for a split second on my fingers, kind of like the feeling of biting into a macaron.

The Ruth scent is very lovely and not overpowering at all. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s just the spring collection, but I haven’t found any of them as overpowering as I found the Fancy Bread Pumpkin Butter. Or even as permeating and long lasting as the Pear Wood (though this one is in a good way). But I actually like it that way. So if you’re scent wary, you can definitely use the whipped soaps, at least. They smell lovely in the shower, and you are nicely scented, though not overwhelmingly, for a little while after getting out.

After I read that they were going to be restocking the site, after things initially sold out, I kept tabs and jumped on the Splendiferous as soon as it went up.

Haus of Gloi Spring Collection I mean, when a scent is described as “white cake, lemon zest glaze and sugared violets,” wouldn’t you?! And I love the purple seeds inside. Again, this scent is not overwhelming in the whipped soap base, and just smells sweet AND fresh at the same time. Not too gourmand (for those of you who don’t like those scents).

When I couldn’t initially get the whipped soap in Splendiferous, I settled for buying it in the pumpkin butter base instead. (For a close-up detail of that texture, see my other Haus of Gloi reviews.) Yes, at this point I have enough pumpkin butters to keep one in every room of my house PLUS one at work. But I do love them, and this scent is lovely and not too overwhelming in this base, either. (As I mentioned, I’ve found the spring scents to be less strong than previous collections.)

But my other MUST HAVE of the collection was the Tonic #4 pumpkin butter. I adore anything basil. Anything. And I’m one of the “love cilantro” people (you know you either love it or hate it). So reading the description of, “yuzu, basil, cilantro, lemongrass and raw sugar cane accord,” I was baffled and intrigued. Would it be any good? Is that something I would actually like to smell of? The answer to both those questions is a resounding, “YES!!”

It’s definitely not your average scent. It is very different, but all the ingredients have such green, fresh scents, and the finished product is totally reflective of that. I put it on when I’m not in the mood for something sweet, and then sniff away every few seconds. It’s not girly in any way, so if that matters to you, you should skip this one. But it’s not masculine, either. It’s just very fresh, green, and citrus-y.

Rounding out my purchases were two more lip balms (yes, more lip balms). I went with the Lavender Vanilla, because I’m a sucker for anything honey lavender and got confused but I’m glad I did, and the Strawberry & Black Pepper, because that just resounded with potential awesomeness.

They have recently revamped their lip balm formula, but I wasn’t too impressed upon opening these up. There were hard, waxy pieces that had formed on top of the balm, that broke off and had to be discarded. After that was cleared, they were okay, but I hate wasting product. The scents, though, are pretty heavenly, so ultimately I’m glad I got them.

My perfume oil sample freebies this time around were Ruth and Honeybelle. I have to say that I find the perfume oils very hit or miss. There are a few that I love (Depravity and Odette [the latter, sadly, limited edition and not available] ), but overall, I generally prefer the scents better in the body products than I do as straight-up perfume. This is definitely true for the Ruth. I thought I might like the Honeybelle, described as “a blooming orange orchard, orange blossom honey, soft white tea and creamy white amber,” but not so much on. Oh well, they were free, so no harm done!

Even though I have more pumpkin butters than I’ll ever know what to do with, I can’t wait for the next release!

What are your favorite Haus of Gloi scents? Which other bases should I try?

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