Yes, more shoes. I guess there’s something in the air?

I still have not gotten the regular yellow Jett shoes, nor the Joie heels. I’ll probably never get the Chloé Susanna boots, but I’m working towards the Valentino Rockstuds (!!). However, in the meantime, I totally have an inappropriate crush on Modern Vice’s Polka Dot Jett booties.

Polka dot Jett booties

I say inappropriate crush, because they are so impractical. SO.

But I am a sucker for anything polka dot. And there is something so fresh and modern, yet retro looking about them. I think it’s the stark whiteness with the metallic.

The other issue is, I don’t wear jeans or pants, and tights season is almost over, so how much use would I really get out of them?

Still, look how cute they are!

I personally prefer the silver polka dots, but they also come in gold.

Polka Dot Jett Booties

Would you wear shoes like these? Take the poll and let me know which color you prefer!

Which black leather satchel would you go with?

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3 comments on “Wishlist Wednesday #34 – Polka Dot Jett booties by Modern Vice”

  1. I see plenty of women walking around the city in ankle boots and not wearing tights with them, so I think you could wear these with naked legs. White boots for summer and for after Labor Day! Heh heh.

    I love silver and I love polka dots. I love the buckles. The only thing I don't like is that golf fringe thing. I don't like it on any kind of shoes and I see it everywhere lately.

    • Aren't they adorable? I don't mind the fringe that much. But they're so springy! I feel like in the summer my feet would be too hat, though.

  2. Oh wow I love them! I love them so much! They would definitely fit right in in my hipster-esque town. People would fawn over these!

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