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While perusing a new blog I found through Instagram the other day, I came across a gorgeous red lipstick (raise your hand if you’re not surprised) that had me stop and go, “What is she wearing?!” Turns out, it was Nicka K Hydro Lipstick, a brand from New York that I’d never heard of before, and the lipstick cost all of $4.99.

nicka k hydro lipstick
Nicka K Hydro Lipstick in NY001 Daring

Well, for that price, I didn’t think twice about ordering it to try out!

Sadly, the bargain is lost somewhat in the shipping fees. But if you buy a few, it would still be worth it.

It seems this brand is included in some of the beauty boxes I don’t subscribe to. Which would explain why I’ve never heard of it. But I’m quite glad that I do.

I know that some of my readers prefer non-matte finishes, so you will love this. It’s very moist (ick) and lustrous, and leaves your lips feeling nice all day.

nicka k hydro lipstick I couldn’t tell this from the photos I first saw, but immediately upon swatching this shade, I thought, “Oh, hey, it’s very much on the pink side.” And that immediately reminded me of Tom Ford Cherry Lush lipstick, which I found surprisingly pink when I tried it on, and why I ultimately passed on it.

nicka k hydro lipstick I don’t have it for a direct comparison or to be 100% sure, but this seems like it’s a pretty damn decent dupe. For a fraction of the cost.

nicka k hydro lipstick I took some photos with and without flash, and at different exposures, so you can see what it looks like in different lighting.

Nicka k hydro lipstick Now the question is, but does it wear well enough to make it a good dupe option? And I’m as surprised as anyone to say, yes, absolutely. I usually prefer matte finishes and find they last longer.

nicka k hydro lipstick But I barely had to reapply this after lunch. I could have gotten away with not reapplying it until I left work. I did use MAC Prep + Prime lip under it when I applied it in the morning, but that’s still seriously impressive.

nicka k hydro lipstick With a shade range that droolworthy and such a wallet-friendly price, I definitely think I’ll be dipping further into the Nicka K repertoire. And the NK lipstick is only $1.49! That one is semi-matte and the colors also look gorgeous.

nicka k hydro lipstick Someone, remind me that buying lots of bargain-priced items is still spending lots! 😉

Have you used anything by this brand? What else should I look at to try?

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    • Right, I had read that some people got this brand in beauty boxes, but I am not subscribed and had never heard of it. I'm definitely a fan!

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