south of france I know it’s months later, but I thought I would share some of my photos from my trip to the south of France in April. We were staying in a hotel in Juan-les-Pins, near Nice.

south of france
La plage, la plage!

I was there with my family for a holiday, so we spent most of our time at the hotel resort, and it wasn’t a crazy, wild trip. On one of the days that I ventured out, I took the train alone to Monaco and met up with my friends from Nice.

south of france My friend took me to her favorite duck pond in Monte Carlo. 🙂

south of france We then decided to play the uber tourists and take a little train tour of Monaco.

south of france south of france south of france We felt like dorks, but it was actually quite fun.

south of france

south of france
Old meets new meets yet to be

south of france

south of france Sainte-Dévote Chapel, above, was founded on the legend of Saint Devota.

Tradition holds that she was a Corsican woman born around 283 AD at Mariana. A young virgin, she had decided to devote herself fully to the service of God. By order of the prefect Barbarus, she was imprisoned and tortured for her faith. Her mouth was crushed, and her body was dragged through rocks and brambles. She was martyred at Mariana by being racked or stoned to death.

After her death, the governor of the province ordered for her body to be burnt to prevent its veneration. However, it was saved from the flames by Christians. Her body was placed on a boat bound for Africa. Gratianus (Graziano), the boat’s pilot; Benedict (Benenato), a priest; and Apollinaris, his deacon; believed it would receive proper Christian burial there. However, a storm overtook the boat and a dove flew out from the mouth of the saint. The dove guided the boat to present-day Les Gaumates, today part of the Principality of Monaco, where a chapel dedicated to Saint George already stood.

Her mutilated body was discovered by fishermen. In her honor a chapel was built, which stands in Monaco still. Traditionally, flowers are said to bloom before their season on January 27, the saint’s feast day.

south of france south of france

south of france
The royal palace, seat of the Grimaldi family

south of france

south of france And there always has to be a photo of stairs, because I love geometrics.

south of france AND I adore grand train stations.

south of france
Gare Nice-Ville

south of france Where was the last place you traveled? Where are you going next?

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4 comments on “Travel log: South of France, April 2014”

  1. You look SO GOOD! That dress! That lipstick! I love it all!

    Last place I traveled was almost a year ago, to Amsterdam and Norway. Norway was stunning. No travel plans on the horizon though 🙁

    • Thank you! Gotta love Modcloth. 🙂 And the funny thing about the lipstick is, it looks a lot lighter on, but photographed darker. Good to know!

      Now that Brazil is not happening, I have no summer travel plans, and it's making me so sad. 🙁 Have you been to Prague? I really want to go.

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