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Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange
This photo won me a free BB lip gloss on Twitter!! 😀

Lately my beauty purchases have centered around lip products, it’s true. And so many have been orange reds. But when I saw a few bloggers wearing this color and I HAD to know what they were wearing, I knew I would cave for the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange is not the sleek, compact lip pencil you’ve grown to associate with brands like NARS. It’s a jumbo crayon pencil. It’s like being a kid again, drawing on your face.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange
Comparison vs NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

It’s nice, I guess, in that you get more product (AND it comes with a sharpener: take note, NARS). But it’s a bit unwieldy to stick into a small purse. The Art Sticks are not like the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in that they are not matte. I think they’re even more emollient than the NARS Satin Lip Pencils. It’s basically like having a regular lipstick in a foolproof pencil form. They’re not as weightless at the Velvet Matte pencils, though; you can definitely feel that something is on your lips.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange The funny thing is, I feel like it doesn’t look as vibrant and red as it did in the photos I saw. That’s not to say I don’t absolutely love it. I need to add it into my orange red comparisons.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange The wear time on this actually surprised me, given that it’s not matte. I did not have to reapply after my breakfast of yogurt. I think I finally felt the need towards the afternoon. And my lips weren’t dried out at all, like they can get with the Velvet Mattes. (I actually had to talk myself out of buying Harlow Red and Bright Raspberry by reminding myself that I have very similar colors already.)

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange
No flash

Have you tried any of these? Do you prefer lipsticks or lip pencils?

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  1. That photo is definitely a winner!! I adore the headpiece you are wearing. Is it a necklace you turned into a headpiece or was it always meant to be worn like that? Also, does it pull on your hair or does your hair get caught on it? I have trouble with little clips ripping out my little hairs so I was just wondering.

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