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Celebrity Fashion Lust #5

You’re never going to guess who it is today. Never.

In fact, I’m going to hide it. You’re going to have to read on. 😉


Celebrity Fashion Lust #4

I know I said I would take a break today (don’t worry, I wrote this yesterday, anyway 😉 ), but I just had to post because CHANEL COUTURE.

186276659Floor…meet my jaw.


Celebrity Fashion Lust #3


Natalie-Portman-in-Christian-Dior-Couture-Thor-The-Dark-World-Paris-Premiere--600x900 Also, because how gorgeous is Natalie Portman?! I kind of forgive her for her ridiculous Oscars speech right now.

Obviously wearing Dior Haute Couture is something that will never ever ever ever ever happen to me in my life, but a girl can look and appreciate, right?!

650x975xnatalie-dior-dress3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WgKLygww05I mean, LOOK AT THAT DETAILING!!!

What celebrity or even real-life looks have you been lusting after lately?

Celebrity fashion lust #2

How just DARLING is this Temperley London skirt that Anna Friel is wearing?! (Let’s ignore how scarily thin she’s looking and focus on the skirt!)

Anna-Friel-in-Temperley-London-Virunga-London-Screening1-600x480 But, Chuck, where is the Piemaker?! That’s all I want to know!!

I am literally dying at how freaking adorable it is. I have always loved how darling and feminine and retro Temperley clothing is. One day. One day when I’m rich and famous. Or get lucky on eBay. 🙂

Celebrity fashion lust #1

I’m creating this new category of posts simply because I saw this:

Lucy-Liu---The-Late-Show-With-David-Letterman-2013--05-560x811 Lucy Liu at the Late Show With David Letterman

Could this Band of Outsiders dress BE more perfect?!

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