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Summer pick: By Terry Tint to Lip Pink Palace

Affilier Acheté

by terry tint to lip pink palace My whirlwind shopping trip to Paris (calling a spade a spade) a few months ago, saw me going just a little crazy at the By Terry counter. The truth is, I had so little time (I literally went straight from the store to my hotel to the airport), I had to just read things off my list, and I hadn’t had a chance to play with any of the summer collection. Once home, I saw swatches of the By Terry Tint to Lip Pink Palace and cursed my luck, because I knew it was going to have to be mine, and I could have gotten it for less in Paris.


Review: MAC Full of Joy blush

Affilier Acheté

*This entry has been prescheduled to post while I am out of the country, so if you comment and I don’t reply right away, that’s why.*

MAC Full of Joy blush Sometimes I feel like MAC puts out a new collection a week. I went through a period where I actually bought things from each one, but I’m now good with sitting most of them out. But when I got an email about their spring blushes, I did go straight out and pick up MAC Full of Joy blush.


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