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Hakuhodo brushes Back with some more Hakuhodo brushes! When I saw that the J5523 was back in stock, I had to jump on it. And I took along the J521 Flat Eyeliner D1 Brush, for shits and giggles.

The J5523 is billed as a MAC 217, only better. My 217 is ancient, and apparently the brushes were better back then, I’m hearing? I’ve not had any shedding, it’s lasted me for years. But until I tried the J5523, I never realized that it can be a tad rough. The J5523 is DEFINITELY softer. Which is a good thing on your delicate eyelids.

Hakuhodo brushes Here’s a look at them side by side. (Sorry, my MAC was not washed. Also, it doesn’t get pristine anymore.)

Hakuhodo brushes The 217 (on the right) is definitely a bit fuller (it’s also much more used). I use it for blending, mostly, but having one that can work in the crease/socket is great, too.

Hakuhodo brushes They wouldn’t cooperate and lay right, but another side by side comparison. So far, I’m enjoying the softness of the J5523 on my eyes!

Hakuhodo brushes With the J521, I wanted an eyeliner brush that was thinner and more precise than the old LORAC one that I use most of the time. And, yet, I still have trouble getting a thin line. I need to work on my technique!

Hakuhodo brushes But look at thing. Clearly, it’s my technique, and not the brush.

So that was my modest haul. I really believe in having good tools for your makeup. If I invest so much in the products, may as well use good tools to apply them!

Next up, I really want a Tom Ford cheek brush, but saving up is necessary!

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4 comments on “Mini Haul: Hakuhodo brushes part 2”

    • Some of them are really super affordable, and are even comparable to MAC brushes in prices. The core ones I've bought have all been those, except for the one for contouring. And so far, it's been love. 🙂

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