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Lancôme lipstick I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to lipstick—especially when it comes to finding the right shade of lipstick. Which is how I wound up the owner of, count them, FOUR different Lancôme lipsticks, in the two-monthlong search for a specific one.

Immediately upon reading this post of Emilie’s, I was struck by her friend’s gorgeous lipstick. In the restaurant photo, it looks like the dark red I’ve been searching for. In the photos with the bubbles, it had a purpley undertone. It seemed lovely and magical.

I didn’t realize when Emilie tipped me off that it was from Lancôme that it was because her friend is Haleigh of Making Magique, who writes the Lancôme Paris Rendez-Vous blog. Because I’m a bit slow.

Lancôme has been a brand that I have, for some reason, long associated with older women. It’s always been around, and I remember a time in my teens when it was very popular, but it’s just seemed kind of behind on the trends to me for a while. So I haven’t actually purchased any Lancôme makeup in yonks.

So, in the meantime, I decided to try Lancôme Color Design Lipcolor in Front Page and Plum Show. They came and neither seemed to be quite right. Although, when I combined them, I got a nice, deep red, with a hint of purple. Still, it seemed off.

Lancôme lipstick
Without flash
l-r Rouge Desir, Front Page, Plum Show
Lancôme lipstick
With flash
l-r Rouge Desir, Front Page, Plum Show

The next one, L’Absolu Rouge in Rouge Desir, I tracked down off eBay, since it didn’t seem to be available anywhere else. Again, close but no cigar. I was pretty disappointed, but, let’s face it, I have plenty of lipsticks. I had to give up and live on, not knowing what it was.

Meanwhile, I caught up on Making Magique, had my light bulb “Ohhhhhhhhh that’s who it was” moment, and then came across this post. Was it the same color? I don’t know! She wears the coat in different posts, so it could have been a different day, but it seems like it could look reddish in low light…

And Bloomingdale’s had a gift with purchase for a really reasonable purchase amount, so I went for it and ordered L’Absolu Rouge in Aubergine Velvet.

Lancôme lipstick
Without flash
Lancôme lipstick
With flash

And threw in this gorrrrrrrgeous pale lilac nail polish (Vernis in Love in Lilac Love) to qualify for the gift with purchase. The polish has me dreaming of spring. Despite the unseasonably cold weather here.

Lancôme lipstick But, really, I did it for the makeup bag that came with it. Comme c’est chouette!! How adorable!

Lancôme lipstick But it also came with a shitload of other things. A night cream and an eye cream. An anti-aging product. An eyeshadow palette. A mini mascara. A mini eye makeup remover (which I love). And I’ve been using the eye cream at night. I haven’t yet broken into the other items, but I’ve been busy and distracted lately, so I have to get on that.

I do like “the one.” I’m not like gaga over it (I’m used to longer-lasting formulas), but it is quite pretty, and I just shot some photos yesterday for a FOTD wearing it. Excited?

So sometimes being obsessive about things is a good thing? Although I do now have three unnecessary (albeit nice) lipsticks on my hands. Does it even out?

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4 comments on “Haul: The search for THE Lancôme lipstick”

  1. The colors are lovely. I'm sure you will find a way to incorporate them into your rotation.

    I've also mostly associated Lancome (and Estee Lauder) with makeup for the mature. If I ever had anything from Estee Lauder it was because my grandmother would buy enough to receive the free gift and then she'd give me the extra products she didn't need or want.

    However, that was a very long time ago, and now I'm becoming more ahem, mature, so I might keep an open mind in the near future to both of those brands. I guess I just need to do a lot of experimenting.

    • I know, but I have so many lovely colors, and very similar ones at that. I guess I'll have to force myself.

      Oh, nuh uh, you are not mature. I'm certainly not!! :p

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